Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA)
These folks have programs for all kinds of organic/sustainable production.

Bio-Dynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc. 
(888) 516-7797
They provide a state list of CSA's

Carolina Farm Stewardship Association (CFSA)

Center for Environmental Farming Systems 
North Carolina Sustainable Research and Education Program. 

Certified Naturally Grown 
A non-profit alternative eco-labelling program for small farms that grow using USDA Organic methods but are NOT a part of the USDA Certified Organic program. 

Future Harvest
Information on CSA's in Virginia, West Virginia & Maryland

Georgia Organics
Georgia Organics is a member supported, non-profit organization connecting organic food from Georgia farms to Georgia families. We believe food should be community-based, not commodity-based.

National Coalition against the Misuse of Pesticides
NCAMP is a lobbying organizationproviding information on pesticide problems and solutions. 

National Campaign for Sustainable Ag.
 Sustainable ag policy and action alerts

OMRI Organic Materials Review Institute
They approve farming products for organic certification

Rachel Carson Council Inc.
A lobbying organization providing pesticide problems and solutions

Southern Sustainable Agriculture Working Group 

Quality Certification Services (QCS)

Information network to help with organic certification questions.

USDA'S National Organic Program

Virginia Association for Biological Farming (VABF)
This is our Virginia based sustainable agriculture non-profit organization

Virginia Fruit Page - Organic Fruit IPM

Wilson College:  Robyn Van En Center 
Fulton Resource Center for Sustainable Living