Baja Gold Sea Salt

Baja Gold Sea Salt (Table Salt) 1 lb

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new.gifBaja Gold Sea Salt sold in 1lb bags.  Nature’s perfect living salt from the mineral and trace element rich Sea of Cortez seasonally produced and harvested

About Living SaltBaja Gold Sea Salt is produced from the mineral-rich Sea of Cortez and is naturally dehydrated by the sun.  It does not come from deposits found in ancient sea beds nor is it created from super saline “dead seas”.


Minimally Processed: Our salt is harvested by Baja natives who use proven traditional salt-making methods inherited over many generations, guaranteeing its superior quality. Baja Gold is never artificially heated, refined, milled or processed.

Complex Flavor: Naturally low sodium and high minerals and trace elements content give Baja Gold a more distinct and complex flavor than many other common sea and earth salts (processed sodium chloride).

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Nutritional Info: High Minerals and Trace ElementsSea of Cortez water contains 90 minerals and trace elements typically found in seawater plus more than 50,000 natural organic compounds.
Storage: Store in closed container away from moisture.
Certificates - NOP Compliant, Nat'l List
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