Coast of Maine Organic Seed Starter - Sprout Island - 2.2 Cu. Yd. Sack - $260.00

Coast of Maine Organic Seed Starter - Sprout Island - 2.2 Cu. Yd. Sack - $260.00

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new-size-red-copy.jpgSprout Island Organic Seed Starter is designed for seed germination & rooting plant cuttings. It is ready-to- use in cell packs, trays or flats and provides natural moisture retention & aeration. We have added a nutrient starter charge that includes worm castings, kelp and fully-cured compost.

We believe this is the best organic seed starter you can buy and, as always, it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

COM uses all natural ingredients: Sprout Island Blend is a rich mixture of blended sphagnum peat moss, perlite, kelp meal, worm castings and well-aged compost. It was designed specifically for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings and growing them into healthy, disease resistant plants.


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Rates: Sprout Island seed starting mix is a ready to go seed starter. If you plant to try and extend plant health with this mix for longer than normal time (meaning transplanting to a potting soil) then you will probably need to fertilizer with a liquid fertilizer such as Neptunes F & S, or Browns liquid fish fertilizer.
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