Copper Kocide 3000 DF 10 lb

Copper Kocide 3000 DF 10 lb

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Organic Status:
NOT NOP Compliant

A copper hydroxide wettable powder used as a natural fungicide and bactericide. Labeled for fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals for prevention of numerous leaf diseases, blights, mildews and leaf spots. Use as a protectant for tomato early or late blight. For use on fruit trees such as peach brown rot. 

There are no issues with shelf life for this product. It will last for ages.

Product Label, MSDS sheet


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Rates: 1 - 2 Tablespoons per gallon of water. 


Certificates - NOT NOP COMPLIANT. We will eventually carry the new OMRI Listed Kocide, but not at this time


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