FertiOrganic Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder

Ferti-Organic Soluble Seaweed Powder (0-0-14) 50 lb bag

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OMRI Listed & CDFA Certified

new-web.jpgFerti-Organic Soluble Seaweed Extract is a water soluble powder, derived from fresh seaweed, ascophyllum nodosum making it a non-toxic and non-polluting fertilizer rich in micro elements with no synthetic hormones ideal for organic farming practices. Soluble Seaweed Extract contains alginic and protein amino acids. Encourages thriving root, stem and foliage growth as well as larger flowers and fruits. Excellent stress reducer and preventer ideal for transplants and/or climate changes (chill or drought) making it a potent plant booster. Provides nutrients in an immediate form available to plants during the rooting and fruiting stages. (A 50 lb bag makes 75 Gallons of Concentrate)


Better root systems: Promotes the development of roots.

Healthier foliage and fruit appearance: Thickens, enlarges and balances the leaf growth, supplies well-balanced crop nutrients, stimulates cell division, and improves the fruit set and blossoming.

Greater resistance to stress: Helps plants endure environmental stress.

Improved seed germination: Promotes the development of shoots. Soil conditioner: Balances the fecundity of soil and restores soil conditions.

Improved soil structure and water-holding capacity. 

STORAGE: Soluble Seaweed Extract should be stored in frost-free conditions with optimum non-flammable organic fertilizers away from sunlight. Gloves and face shield should be worn when handling the dilution. Soluble Seaweed Extract is hydroscopic and must be kept in sealed (air tight) containers at all times. As an organic product, strict inspection and controlling can guarantee a high quality seaweed fertilizer upon application


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DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Soluble Seaweed Extract is a water soluble powder/flake suitable for liquid foliar, soil, and irrigation water applications. Please see the Application Rate sheet for crop specific recommendations.


Foliar Applications: Fill half the spray tank with water, begin agitating and gradually add recommended amount with remainder of water and spray solution. Use enough water for good spray coverage. The foliar spray should be applied as a fine mist, with low fluid velocity until the foliage is drenched. Do not foliar apply during times of moisture or heat stress. For best results, apply during the cool part of the day or when temperatures are below 85 F. Do not spray just before or after rainfall or sprinkler irrigation.

Soil applications: Soil applied treatments can be made by mixing with directed sprays to the soil, sidedress treatments, and applications through the irrigation systems or other methods which effectively apply Soluble Seaweed Extract to the soil. When making irrigation treatments dilute 1 part Soluble Seaweed Extract with at least 5 parts water before adding to the supply tank. Continuous agitation of the supply tank is recommended. Can be applied through drip, microject, sprinkle, overhead, furrow, flood and other types of irrigation at the suggested rates. For micro sprinkler, solid set or drip irrigation, apply after the system is fully pressurized. Inject for at least one hour following with clean water for at least two hours to clear system of all product. Avoid heavy irrigation following application that may leach material beyond the root system of the crop.

Rooting/Transplant Solution: To encourage root growth of new transplants, treat roots at the rate of 0.6 to 1.5 dry ounces per 20 gallons of water prior to transplanting.

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