Sesame ginger kelp Krunch Bar

Kelp Krunch Bars Ginger OG

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USDA Organic

Gluten-Free & Vegan. Ginger sesame seaweed energy bar. Made by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables. 

Enjoy the nutritional rewards of this convenient and delicious sesame seed snack bar. Kelp Krunch™ Bars are made with only a few simple real-food ingredients – it’s 100% organic and made without any GMO ingredients! It’s a vegan snack that’s free of gluten, nuts, dairy, soy, trans-fats. Kelp Krunch™ Bars are the perfect snack bar for road trips, camping, hiking, school or work. And kids just love Kelp Krunch™ !

Because we find joy in the company of kelp and whales, part of the proceeds from this bar are donated to ALLIED WHALE, one of America's oldest whale research, conservation and educational organizations.

Ingredients: (all organic) sesame seeds, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, kelp, ginger, cayenne, vanilla extract
Nutritional Info:Nutritionally, sesame seeds and kelp provide an excellent vegetarian source of calcium – 180 mg per bar (20% of the Daily Value) and a substantial amount of iron – 3 mg (20% of the Daily Value), as well as a wide array of minerals and trace elements. Kelp Krunch™ is a delicious and fun way to include the health benefits of seaweed in your diet.
Storage:Kelp is hydroscopic so even though these goodies are individually wrapped we recommend you store them in a cool dry location. 
Certificates: Certified organic by OCIA
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