Kmag Granular (0-0-22)+21S, 11Mg. Intrepid Trio (SulPoMag)  50 lb

Kmag Granular (0-0-22)+21S, 11Mg. Intrepid Trio (SulPoMag) 50 lb

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Intrepid Trio is 100% natural langbeinite, a unique mineral with three essential nutrients in every granule. Trio provides a long-lasting, readily available source of low-chloride potassium, magnesium and sulfur ideal for fruit, vegetable and row crops grown in magnesium-deficient soils. Trio is certified Safe Feed/Safe Food. This product is granular for easy broadcast application. Readily available 21% S, 22% K and 11% Mg.


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Rates: Apply according to soil test, broadcast and work in generally at 20-50lbs/acre.
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