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Liquid Fertilizers

Neptune’s Harvest  neptunes-ad-web.jpgmanufactures a top of the line, highly concentrated, cold processed Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer. It is made from the 60-70% of the fish that is leftover after the fillet has been removed. All the Fish are caught well offshore, in the cold, clean, dark, mineral rich North Atlantic Ocean water, off the coast of New England. It contains all the nutrients, plants and soil need to stay healthy, in nature’s perfect balance. It increases the brix (sugar) and greatly improves soil quality. It will increase the yield and quality of all crops, making whatever you grow more nutrient dense and better able to withstand stress, disease and insect damage. It is a natural sticker/spreader and is a great deer repellent. It is also a great food source for microbes and beneficial bacteria, and it increases the organic matter in the soil. Also available is a Fish and Seaweed Blend, for added benefits.
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