Meet the Seven Springs Crew


Ron Juftes - Owner

Ron is the man who started it all. These days you’re likely to find him tending to his gardens, orchards, fields, buildings, and machines. Ron has several decades worth of experience in landscaping, horticulture, and arboriculture. He can generally grow, fix, and rig up just about anything around here.

 Ron brings his wealth of knowledge and know-how into all aspects of the business. His motivation and entrepreneurial spirit are what brought Seven Springs into existence and what keeps it growing.


Eric Sharp - Operations Manager  

Eric began his journey with Seven Springs in the Spring of 2015. Having been away from the area for many years, he is happy to be back home and close to family. Eric holds a whole host of responsibilities here. He’s the forklift master, manager of the crew, and presently, the most gifted pallet-shrink-wrapper at Seven Springs. It’s quite inspiring. In his spare time you can find Eric working on his farm, alongside his  son, and enjoying the wonderful Floyd weather with his wife on their porch.


Nate Flickinger - Sales Coordinator

Nate has experience in nursery work, bio-dynamics, and urban community garden projects in Brooklyn, NY. He has homesteaded on-and-off with his partner for the past ten years. He's also well-versed in homeopathy, herbalism, and food-as-medicine. Nate is an overall fan and promoter of bacteria and fungi. He believes they're completely essential to healthy soil, which begets healthy plants, animals, and humans. "Word to your microbes," he says.


Chris Wolf - Sales Associate & Market Garden Consultant 

Chris is an active member of the farm community here in Floyd County. He has first-hand experience in CSA/Market vegetable growing, bio-dynamics, raising a handful of goats with his partner, and management intensive grazing with cattle. He loves hard work, connecting with land and animals, and he strongly feels that sustainable agriculture can be leveraged as a healing force for the earth. Chris digs making fine goat cheeses and exuberantly singing the names of our products.



Matthew Cantrell - Shipping Coordinator & Livestock Specialist

Matthew has worked hands-on in various expressions of agriculture. He's worked in landscaping, growing his own food with his wife and kids, and extensively with live-stock. Currently his passion and expertise lies with holistic livestock management. He is at home in his fields tending sheep, goats, and cows alongside his crew of Working Kelpie dogs, Annie, Oakley, Cap, and Pancho (the lone border collie).


Joshua Braden - Operations Assistant

Josh is a newcomer to farming and wholly loves it. The physicality, creativity, and re-connection of human-to-land relationship has been just what he was looking for as a path forward for an energetic young person living in the 21st century. He is deeply at home living and learning in the Floyd community. He loves creating music, being an uncle, and passing on skills to others. He takes a daily nap at lunch. 


Contact any one of our amazing staff at: 

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