Nitrogen Sources


Allganic® Nitrogen, is entirely natural and is the only non-synthetic mineral source of nitrogen.

It contains 16% of Nitrate Nitrogen. It originates from the Caliche ore from Northern Chile.

The extremely dry climate in this region allowed and allows the concentration of nitrate originating from air and sea. It is a testimony of one of the important links in the natural nitrogen cycle. For more than 100 years and when all farming was organic, Natural Mineral Nitrogen was used to produce healthy and nutritious crops.

One of the main differences between a synthetic fertilizer and a natural fertilizer is that the latter, due to its genesis, always contains plant micro-nutrients. Allganic® Nitrogen additionally contains iodine and selenium, essential elements for human health. By providing Nitrogen that is available during critical plant growing stages and adverse weather conditions (e.g, cold weather), Allganic® Nitrogen improves the nutritional quality of crops mostly by increasing protein, albumine, amino acids, vitamine B, carotin and micro-elements content.