Redmond 4 Medium Mineral Salt 50 lbs

Redmond 4 Medium Mineral Salt 50 lb

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4 Medium is a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals including zinc, manganese, copper, iodine and more. Free of chemical processing, preferred by livestock, and helps animals maintain a normal function. Very popular size for sheep operations, but can be used for any large animals (slightly larger granule than 10 fine salt).
Trace Minerals: 4 Medium is nature’s perfect balance to nourish your livestock. 4 Medium comes from an ancient sea salt deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals.
Preferred by Livestock: Animals instinctively crave salt that has naturally occurring trace minerals. Try it in your herd: put any salt or mineral next to Redmond 4 Medium and see which one your animals choose.
Reduce your costs on custom mineral mixes:4 Medium has many trace minerals that livestock need. However, because of mineral deficiencies in some soils and feed, you may need to add additional minerals beyond what Redmond 4 Medium provides. 
No Chemical Processing: Redmond 4 Medium is unrefined and OMRI Listed. Ratio is 93% sodium chloride and 0% synthetic chemicals. Whether your approach is organic or conventional, this salt can help you get back to what you love about raising animals.


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Ingredients - Sodium Chloride 95%, refer to analysis for mineral content.


Feeding Rate: Free Choice


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