Row Cover Supports 1/4" x 8 ft x Bundle of 50

Row Cover Supports 1/4" x 8 ft x Bundle of 50

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  • Buy 2 - 3 and pay only $62.00 each
  • Buy 4 or above and pay only $61.00 each
$30.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

These rods are a fantastic replacement for 9 gauge wire. They are 1/4” in diameter. Easy to install.  These rods have a thick resin coating and are weather resistant, UV protected rods that will never leave you with fiberglass in your hands.  White in color. Long life span. Try them and you will never go back to using wire.

 *They are typically resistant to snow load and bounce back, but are not guaranteed due to the variables involved with how they are installed and weather conditions. 

Note: Because these are 8' long, it is expensive to ship even a single rod, and our website has a hard time quoting accurate shipping if you are purchasing the rods in combination with other product. Please bear with us as we work to improve this and don't hesitate to call us for an accurate quote on your specific order: 1-800-540-9181. 

Directions: Space about 2 ft apart down the row and try to keep the width at 30 inches or more. Inserting the rods end to end closer than 30 inches will stress the rods.
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