SaltWorks Ultra Epsom USP Epsom Salt.

SaltWorks USP Grade Epsom Salt (Multiple grain sizes) - 50 lb x 40 bags from West Coast Price $1380.00

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United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) Grade Epsom Salt, drop shipped - Call for a shipping quote  1-800-540-9181

This Epsom Salt is shipped from the West Coast. Allowing for Better shipping for our customers on that side of the country.

Multiple grain sizes available at same cost:

Extra Fine Grain: Perfect for use in homemade soaps and lotions.
Fine Grain: Ideal in bath salt and salt scrub recipes, as well as for bathing and as a sore muscle soak.
Medium Grain: Ultra Epsom in Medium grain is a crystal size that works well for bath salts, body scrubs, sore muscle soaks and in gardening.
Coarse Grain: Coarse Ultra Epsom is a large grain crystal that is good for gardening, homemade bath salts and as a sore muscle soak.

Magnesium sulfate can be used in bath salts and floatation therapy, where high concentrations raise the bath water's specific gravity. It is also used to prepare foot baths and is great for soothing sore feet. The magnesium sulfate can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. 

Also available: Epsom Salt Technical Grade (Tech Grade is OMRI Certified) /  Epsom Salt, USP Grade from East Coast. 

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Certificates - This Epsom Salt is Kosher CertifiedClick here for certificate
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