A-4 Extra Coarse grade Vermiculite

Vermiculite (Extra-Coarse Grade) 4.0 Cu. Ft., 30 bags- Price $635.00

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This is a Grade A-4 vermiculite. A premium, large particle size. This grade is ideally suited for use as a high temperature insulation. Another good use is for packaging of hazardous chemicals for air transport in accordance with IATA Regulations.

Average particle size is 1/4"-3/4". Unit Weight 4-5.5 lb/cf. This is a screened product. Quantity of dust is very minimal.

This product is asbestos free. We also sell this product as an insulation for folks building brick ovens, or for use in straw bale stucco construction.

Traits of vermiculite:

-Low thermal conductivity

-High water holding capacity


-Insolubility in both water and organic solvents.

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 We also offer all other GRADES of Vermiculite drop shipped from our supplier.

View our SFG information sheet on a how to do method, it is better than other mixes.