Wedge-Loc Horizontal Brace Set #209

Wedge-Loc Horizontal Brace Set #209

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Single Horizontal Brace Set - Package Contains 20 Sets Of:

2 x #101 Collars - Fits most U.S., Canadian or Mexican T-post. It is locked in place between lugs by Heavy Wedge #102. Collar accepts and holds bracing sockets and accessories. These can be attached on all 4 sides of collar.

2 x #102 Wedges - Slips over rear flange of post and slides inside collar to hold collar in place. If using older Canadian T-posts with flat fronts, use a 1/4" bolt to secure to post.

2 x #107 90° Sockets - This socket attaches to collar, accepts and holds in place T-post used for horizontal brace. May also be used to brace wooden posts with T-post.

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