8' Corner System for Steel Posts

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The corners of your deer fence support the weight of your fence on two sides, so they need to be strong and stable. Our corner deer fence systems consist of one 2 ½-inch corner post, wider than our standard line posts, and two brace posts that sit just inside of the fence line and reinforce the corner post on either side. This three-side post system creates an incredibly sturdy corner that won’t bend or topple over, and that gives your fence line a professionally installed look. Kit comes with pictured-instructions to guide you during installation. You will need our 14 in. self-locking ties to attach your fencing to the corner system (not included).

Kit includes:

1 x 8' heavy duty corner post, 2.5" in diameter

1 x vinyl post cap

2 x 9' brace posts, 1.625" in diameter

2 x brace cups with bands and mounting hardware


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