A.B.C.'s 12 Mineral Starter Kit - 12 x 25 lb Bags - $437

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Organic Status:
USDA Certified Organic
From the Manufacturer

12 Free Choice Mineral Kit for Dairy or Beef Cattle - 1 Bag of Each Free Choice Mineral 

Click on any of the below items for a LABEL with ingredients:
Organic A Mix - A, D & E Vitamins for Healthy Tissue Growth
Organic BVC Mix - B Vitamins for Nerves and Stress
Organic Buffer Plus
 - Buffer
Organic C Mix -
 Calcium for Bone Growth and Vigor
Organic Cu Mix -
 Copper for Blood and Hair Coat
Organic 2% I Mix
Iodine for Metabolism Regulation
Organic K Mix - Potassium for Growth and Nerve Response
Organic M Mix - Magnesium for Bone and Blood Development
Organic P MixPhosphorus for Growth and Reproduction
Organic S Mix - Sulfur for Protein Formation
Organic TS K Mix - Trace Minerals + Selenium - Immune System Health
Organic Zn MixZinc for Hooves and Skin
Should I Supplement Selenium? Selenium is not included in our free choice kits; however, we do carry Selenium supplements which can be purchased separately and offered if needed. While many soils are Selenium deficient, some may have excessive amounts of selenium. Visit this link to find out if you are in a Selenium deficient area. You may also consult your local vet or request a blood test. 
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Ingredients - Refer to each label for ingredients.
Feeding Rates: Refer to each label for rates.
Certificates - USDA Certified Organic
Policies - 8-policies.jpg All the statements within have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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