AGREE WG - 5 lb Bag

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Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies aizawai strain GC-91. Agree WG is a biological insecticide specific for use against the lepidopterous larvae listed on the label. Agree WG must be eaten by the larvae to be effective. Since Agree WG is most effective against small, newly hatched larvae, an early scouting program to determine early infestations is recommended. After consuming a lethal dose of Agree WG, larvae stop eating within an hour, but may remain on the foliage until they die, usually within several days. Affected larvae move more slowly and tend to become shriveled and discolored before dying. Agree WG specifically targets the Diamondback Moth.

Application ranges from 1/4lb to 2lbs per acre. Spray Program for Peppers - Spray Program for Tomatoes
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