AgSil 16H Potassium Silicate Powder 52% SiO2 (0-0-32) 50 lb Bag

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Organic Status:
Not Approved for Organic Production

new.gif  AgSil 16H is a bionutrient source for silicon and potassium.

 Crops treated with AgSil products:

  • Are more resistant to mineral stress
  • Experience less climate stress
  • Have improved strength
  • Show increased growth and yield

 AgSil helps plants to resist toxicity from phosphorous, manganese, aluminum and iron and increases tolerance to salt. AgSil also aids in resistance to drought by reducing water loss, and in some cases it may increase growth and yield.

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Rates: Application of AgSil® improves leaf erectness, reduces susceptibility to losing in grasses and improves photosynthesis efficiency. For turf, this can result in faster, healthier greens and athletic fields. Row crops, vine crops, ornamentals and hydroponically grown plants can all benefit from potassium silicate supplementation. 0.7 grams in one gallon of water yields 46 ppm Si (98ppm SiO2) and 49 ppm K. 560 grams of AgSil 16 in 1 gallon will give you 7.6% silicon (SiO2) which is the same as Dynagro ProTekt. For constantly recirculating hydroponics : 3-6 ppm Si (7-12ppm  SiO2) Drip systems, Ebb and Flo & other automatic fertigation systems : 15-20 ppm Si (32-43ppm SiO2) Weekly drenches in soilless or other low silicon soil-less media systems : 45-50 ppm Si (~100ppm SiO2)
Certificates - Not approved for organic production
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