Aragonite Dry Feed Grade - 50 lb Bag

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NOP Compliant, Nat'l List

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A naturally occurring combined predigested shell calcium source. Dry Aragonite is a superior form of calcium that will benefit both livestock and poultry. Aragonite promotes strong bones, enhances milk and egg production, with the added benefit of efficient weight gain, feed utilization and muscle tone.  Also available in one ton bulk bags on request.

Jeff Mattocks from Fertrell suggests the following for using Aragonite as a feed supplement. Aragonite is only part of a balanced feeding program to be added, when appropriate, based on the other feed ingredients and stage of production. 

33%min - 40% available calcium. Other minerals in aragonite; Fe203 .025%, Al203 0.15%, MgC03 1.50%, SO3 0.20%, NaCL 1.25%, Sr0 1.25%, Si02 0.88%.
Mollusks shells fine ground
Usually for chickens while young and developing it is 1% of the grain mix. For layers it is 8.75% of the grain diet. For bovine it may be used from 1 oz up to 4 oz per head per day depending on the forages being fed at the time.
NOP Compliant, Nat'l List
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