Austrian Winter peas Non organic seed

Austrian Winter Peas - NON - OG - 5 lb

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sale-multicolor-old-fashion-copy.jpg Pisum arvense- Germinates in cooler soils, withstands temperatures to at least 10°F. It is a good weed competitor, does well in heavy soils, and fixes 90-150 lb of Nitrogen/acre. It matures early (in April in warm areas), attracting beneficial insects. If Austrian winter peas are left in until they flower in May, nitrogen fixation may be even higher, up to 200 lb per acre. Mow or roll the crop to kill it after flowering, especially if grown with rye for support, acts as a mulch. Also available in a 50 lb. bag

Seeding Rate: Sow in early to mid-fall at 2-3 lb/1,000 sq ft or 70-120 lb/acre. Legume inoculant recommended.
Certificates - NA
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