BeetleGone! TLC 2 lb bag

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Organic Status:
Nat'l List

A new bio insecticide from Phyllom BioProducts Corp. that helps protect the quality and value of crops and ornamental plants with the novel active ingredient, Bacillus thuringiensis galleriae. It effectively controls susceptible beetles, weevils, borers and grubs upon ingestion of the toxin. It is the first BT insecticide powerful enough to control both adult and larva stage of susceptible beetles. Yet, beetleGONE! demonstrated no adverse risks to non targets tested. beetleGONE! is EPA registered for use on crops and ornamentals (e.g. trees and shrubs) found in and/or adjacent to residential and commercial grounds, parks, playgrounds, nurseries, greenhouses and agricultural fields. BeetleGONE! benefits:

• Protects the value of crops by effectively controlling susceptible beetles

• Helps manage resistance to chemistries with a new mode of action for IPM programs

• No label restrictions for bees or flowering plants

• Less management stress with no worries about MRLs, 0 day PHI, 4 hour REI for agricultural uses

• For ornamental uses, keep unprotected people out of treated area until sprays dry

• Compliant with the USDA National Organic Program for use in organic crop production

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Rates: 1.0 - 4.0 lb/acre.
Certificates - Nat'l List, NOP compliant for organic production
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