BioCeres WP Biological Mycoinsecticide Wettable Powder - 1 lb Bag

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BioCeres WP is an insect-pathogenic bio-insecticide using the new Beauveria bassiana fungus. The OMRI listed ANT-03 strain is approved for organic production and is perfectly suited in IPM programs, in a tank mix with other pesticides as well as specific, stand-alone use.

BioCeres WP is used for the biological control of numerous pests including whiteflies, aphids and thrips by adhering to the insect’s cuticle (outer shell), causing death. It can be used in a wide range of crops as well as ornamental and edible plants.

Zero-Day Pre-Harvest Interval - 4 hour REI

Notes on storage from BioSafe Systems: BioCeres has a labelled 6 month storage/shelf-life. However, the label will be amended in the near future to indicate an “18 month” stability/shelf-life. From our Regulatory Dept., they’re working with our manufacturing partner but don’t have a solid date yet.

Refrigeration or storage under 80 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended. The Beauveria are in a vegetative form, and therefore can be more sensitive to temperature (as opposed to TerraGrow, which is in endospore form)

Also, BioCeres will work best in humid conditions, applied during morning/evening creating a more ideal condition for the Beauveria, until it comes in contact or is ingested by the bug.

As far as bug types, our lab believes it’s effective on just about all types. Testing will be ongoing. Most plant bugs/beetles have an cuticle/exoskeleton, but are still affected (often by ingestion). Again, temperature, humidity, and exposure are all factors for the success of the product.

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