BioLink® N14 Water Soluble Nitrogen Fertilizer (14-0-0) - 25 lb Bag

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Organic Status:

A 100% water-soluble soy-based dry nitrogen that is available for immediate uptake by the plant. It contains L-amino acids which help improve plant vigor and productivity. Corrects nitrogen deficiencies in all crops.

•Water soluble 100% available nitrogen
•No soil leaching or phytotoxicty
•Easy to use
•Does not clog emitters
•Suitable for use in organic and conventional production
•Compatible with other agricultural inputs

Benefits of L Amino Acids: Organic BioLink® N-14 Fertilizer contains amino acid based Nitrogen that is easily translocated within the plant. The absence of readily leachable nitrates and urea significantly reduces the risk of leaching into groundwater or running off into surface waters. When applied in combination with micronutrients, the amino acids chelate the cations for better uptake by the plant. In the absence of L-amino acids, plants breakdown structural proteins to utilize their amino acids. The breakdown of the plant proteins requires a large energy expenditure, which can contribute to reduced root mass and plant vigor. Therefore, providing plants with L-amino acids is important for efficient plant growth.

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Rates: Organic BioLink® N-14 Fertilizer can be applied as a soil drench, drip irrigation, chemigation or as a foliar spray. Dilute the product in water at a rate of 1 pound per 1 gallon of water before applying. Use Organic BioLink® N-14 Fertilizer based on soil or tissue analysis.
Foliar application: Use 2 to 10 pounds per acre per application.
Soil application: Use a minimum of 5 to 20 pounds per acre per application.


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