BioRepel™ Natural Insect Repellent w/ Garlic Oil - 1 Gallon

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Are insects getting your crops? Repel them using this concentrated garlic oil and enjoy the bounty.

BioRepel is a concentrate made from 10% pure garlic oil and is a natural insect repellent. After application the strong garlic odor dissipates within a few minutes, but remains offensive to insect pests for days. Apply to all plants, trees, shrubs and crops to repel most insect pests. Very safe to use, handle, and store and has no plant toxicity and is non-toxic to humans and animals. It can also be used as repellent for soft-bodied flying insects such as Aphids, Jassid, Leaf Hoppers, white flies, mosquitoes, and thrips. It is also non-phytotoxic to plants and will leave no “after taste” on edible plant parts and fruit. Can be applied to the following; Brassica vegetables, bulb vegetables, cereal grains, citrus, cotton, cucurbit crops, forage crops, fruiting vegetables, kiwi, leafy vegetables, legume vegetables, nut trees, ornamentals, peanuts, pome fruits, root and tuber vegetables, small fruits, berries and stone fruits. For 1 Quart Size Click Here

Rates: BIOREPEL works best for your plants before pests become a problem. Apply at first sign of insect pest or before. Repeat application every 7 to 14 days as needed. For vegetables, spray several days before blooming. Do not apply during or preceding pollination. BIOREPEL works as a repellent to bees and other pollinators. METHOD OF APPLICATION: May be applied with air or ground equipment. Rate: For ULV sprays use 1 gallon of BIOREPEL to treat up to 20 acres (8 hectares). For normal sprays, apply 1 part BIOREPEL to 100 parts of water to the point of runoff (which means 1 liter of BIOREPEL to 100 liters of water).
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