Deer Season is Almost Here

Deer Season is Almost Here

Posted by Matthew Cantrell on 18th Sep 2019

We know you want to help those Whitetails get all the fall nutrition they need for breeding and bulking up, and we’ve got what you need for an awesome food plot.

For a field plot that deer can’t resist plant the following per 1/4 acre:

  • 5 lbs Spring Oats or Winter Wheat
  • 2 lbs Deep Till Radish, Mustard and/or Rape
  • 1 lb Winter Peas
  • 1 lb Crimson Clover
  • 1 lb Chicory or Phacelia

Broadcast and cover or drill to ¼”. For an added boost, foliar feed with Blackstrap Molasses.

Don't forget to supply some quality trace minerals on the edges of your plot with Redmond's Trophy Rock.