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Bone Meal Powdered Steamed (2-11-0) 2000 lb Tote

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Bone Meal Powdered Formulation (2-11-0) - An excellent calcium source at 26% Ca Max to 22% Ca Min. A starter fertilizer where immediate phosphorus is needed. Product cost comes to $18.13 per 50 lb bag which is a great deal for powdered bone meal. CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed, avoid breathing in dust, avoid contact with eyes, open cuts or sores. Wash hands after use. Note; Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use of this product. 

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Rates: Apply 2 to 3 lbs. per 100 row feet or 400-600 lbs. per acre when banded or side dressed. Vegetables and flower gardens apply 10 lbs per 1000 sq ft. or as needed based on crop requirement and soil test results.
SOIL PREPARATION: To fortify prepared soil with Bone Meal, mix 1 pound into soil for each 10 sq. ft. or 1/2 cup for plants requiring a  4" to 6" pot. Vary amount depending on pot size.  
FLOWERS, SHRUBS, & TREES: For setting plants mix 1 cup Bone Meal into soil surrounding each plant, as it is set. For shrubs and small trees, work 1 cup into soil beneath the ball and 1 cup into replacement soil. For existing plants, work 1 cup into 2" of topsoil for every 2-4 sq. ft.  
BULBS, CORMS, AND TUBERS: Work 1 tablespoon per bulb into 1" to 2" of loose soil in bottom of hole before inserting bulb.  
VEGETABLES: Prepare soil by working in 1 pound Bone Meal per 10 sq. ft. of bed or 1 pound per 40' of row. Treatment should cover zones where roots will grow as plants mature.  
POTTED PLANTS: Mix 1 tablespoon into soil for each inch of pot diameter.  

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