Brown's Fish Fertilizer (2-3-1) - 55 Gallons DROP SHIP

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Produced in Western North Carolina. This product is made from fresh water trout. Brown's is a fish hydrolysate and is produced using a cold process so that it contains all the nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and natural growth hormones. It is filtered down to 120 mesh and can be used in drip line systems. Phosphoric acid is used as a pH stabilizer and as a source of phosphorus that plants need. Can be sprayed as a foliar spray or watered into plants.

Also available in 1 Quart1 Gallon5 gallon55 Gallon Drum (In stock option) and 275 Gallon Tote (Drop ship only - call for pricing!)

General Application Rate: House plants 1 Tbsp per gal., Outdoor plants use 2 Tbsp to 1 gallon water every 2-3 weeks. Larger scale directions use 2-3 gallons per acre 4 times during the growing season. For drip-line systems apply at a rate of 1:15 ratio. Mixing Directions 
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