Buckwheat OG - 50 lb Bag *Coming Soon - Limited Supply!

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Organically Grown

Fagopyrum esculentum- Annual, 8" to 3’ tall, non-legume warm weather cover crop. Has an allelopathic action that suppresses weeds and its flowers attract beneficial insects and bees. Accumulates insoluble phosphorus for release to plants later. Planted early, it is an excellent trap crop for thrips during bloom of fruits and vines. 30-45 days to maturity. Note: this tender foliage will die from light frost.

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Seeding Rate: Plant at 3 lb/1,000 sq ft or 130 lb/acre.
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    Posted by WVMJack on 10th May 2018

    Our Bees love this Buckwheat, we plant it in succession throughout the summer and all kinds of bees are on it including native bees and honey bees

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