Chick Magic Ag-Organic Poultry Fertilizer Crumble (5-3-2) Ton Tote - $370.00

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new-web.jpgFarmers needing larger quantities of an affordable fertilizer should try Chick Magic!

In Crumble formulation, this Ag Organic 5-3-2 is a processed laying hen manure that is weed, bedding and litter free and contains numerous primary and secondary nutrients that will help you with your crops nutrient needs. Ag Organic 5-3-2 contains 9% calcium which can play a very large role in the health of both plants and soils. It also contains slow release nitrogen to help resist leaching. Ag Organic 5-3-2 is OMRI listed and can be used without restrictions.
Also available in a Pellet Click Here

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Rates: Apply 500# to 2000# per acre as needed. We recommend using a soil test to make sure you are only applying what is needed for your crop. Need 25 lbs of Nitrogen then use 5-3-2 @ 500 lb/acre, Need N 50 lbs. of nitrogen then use 1000 lbs/acre.
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