Forb Feast Chicory

Chicory - Forb Feast 1 lb

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Forb Feast Chicory is a warm season perennial, highly recommended for inclusion in a holistically managed system. It is cold hardy and  has a deep taproot that effectively mines hard to access minerals and is slow bolting. This results in a hardy plant that produces nutrient dense foliage extending into cooler weather, highly adaptable to drought or high precipitation, mild temperatures or extreme heat, and a wide variety of soil conditions.  Pasture improvement: loosens compacted soils, improves infiltration, increases trace mineral availability for other pasture species, attracts birds, insects, and other wildlife. Forage: very palatable, high in protein and energy, excellent source of trace minerals, anti-parasitic properties, particularly beneficial for ruminant livestock. This seed is pre-inoculated with and OMRI listed coating.

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Seeding Rates:4-6 lbs/acre for monoculture plots; 1-2 lbs/acre for pasture mix - can be included in cool and warm season mixes. Seed in spring or fall, preferably drilled 1/8" for best results.
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