Clover - Sweet Yellow OG - 50 lb Bag

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Organically Grown

Sweet yellow clover is a biennial that is good for plowdown to help build your garden soil. Cold tolerant, scavenges phosphorus, potassium, and micro-nutrients. It fixes 80 - 200 lbs of N/Acre.

Also available in a 1 lb Bag

Plant 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep; drill 8 to 15 lb/acre or broadcast 15 to 20 lb/acre (6-8 oz/ 1,000 sq ft).
Handlers certificates and available from the seedhouse we purchase our organically grown seed from. Once you purchase the seed, refer to the bag label for the seedhouse, then search their web site for their handlers certificate. We recommend that you also save your seed label as you will need it for your certifying agency inspection. We also have some handlers certificates under our Resource page.

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