Crab Meal (4-3-0 + 14% Ca) w/ High Chitin - 44 lb Bag

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Organic Status:

***We are no longer stocking PAR4 crab shell. Our new crab is a 4-3-0 from Agricultural Solutions. It is on the NOP's list of allowable inputs for certified organic production.***

Looking for high levels of Chitin to help boost soil productivity? Then we have the crab shell for you!

Made from 100% Blue Crab with no other additives. Crab shell is an excellent source of N-P-K, Calcium (14%) and micro nutrients. The high levels of chitin in crab shell creates a perfect feeding ground for chitin eating bacteria; thereby increasing the bacteria's population. These bacteria in turn feed on the chitin containing cell walls of nematodes and fungi present in the soil. The increased presence of chitin in the soil also triggers a defense response in the plant causing a release of chitin destroying enzymes, thus increasing the plants' defense mechanisms and immune response. In this way, the crab shell inadvertently creates a hostile environment for nematodes and fungi and strengthens plants.

Crab Shell can be applied with our Thorvin Kelp Meal to increase organic matter and retain moisture in the soil.

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    crustacean meal

    Posted by Tim Hartwell on 21st May 2019

    Crustacean meal and Neem meal seem to be helping with a root knot nematode problem I have had for years.

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