CYD-X Biological Codling Moth Control - 1 Quart Bottle

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OMRI & WSDA Listed

CYD-X in a quart concentrate, contains a naturally occurring virus that infects and kills larvae of the codling moth (Cydia pomonella). This virus is very host specific. It does not infect beneficial insects, fish, wildlife, livestock or humans.

CYD-X must be eaten by the larvae to be effective so complete spray coverage is very important. Since CYD-X is most effective against small, newly hatched larvae, an early scouting program to determine early infestations is recommended.

Active Ingredient: Cydia pomonella granulovirus
Re-entry Interval: 4 hours
Days to Harvest: 0

In many cases, performance of CYD-X is more likely to be improved by addition of a feeding stimulant such as sugar or molasses (which also acts as a sunscreen) at a rate of 5 pounds per acre. Larvae will then ingest virus more quickly as they feed preferentially on spray droplets, reducing the time of exposure of the virus to sunlight and increasing the rate of infection.
Exposure to sunlight can be reduced, a
void spraying in intense sunlight. Effectiveness of the virus can be increased by spraying CYD-X in the late afternoon or early evening.



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Rates: 1-6 oz. per acre (see label). Spray Interval: 7-14 days (see label)


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