Farming Opportunity

29th Jan 2019

Farming Opportunity

The Oaks in Bedford County, VA has an exciting farming opportunity available. We are a retired couple living on a beautiful 210 acre farm. There is an opportunity for an experienced young person or couple who would like to explore the possibility of a long term relationship or joint venture. There is a habitable, 1890’s log cabin available for use by the new tenant and it is expected that the farmer would live on site.

The farm is looking for folks with two main interests:

1.Involvement in fruit, flower and/or vegetable production

We are in the process of establishing fruit, flower and vegetable gardens. Our intent is primarily interest in growing healthy, nutrient dense food for use by the farm. Might you be interested in expanding some piece of this operation? Are you interested in growing a food forest? …a mushroom operation? An orchard?

Ownership and management of everything could be shared or divided according to the experience and interest of those involved. Compatible new enterprises or expansion of present ones are welcome ideas to be explored in partnership or you can bite off a piece and do your own thing (with approval).

Available land for farming is difficult to find and has become more expensive than many can afford. We have land that could be made available for your enterprise. We would be most interested in seeing your vision grow and in your help in realizing our dream. We do not need to make money on our efforts….but can’t afford to lose too much either.

2.Establishing a livestock operation

The farm currently has a cattle operation operated by a third party. (It may stay or go depending on our future considerations) We are interested in a small poultry operation, maybe some dairy goats and a couple of livestock guardian dogs. Might you want to be a part of or expand one of those ideas? Or do you have another effort in mind?

There is a total of 70 acres available for grazing. Several miles of new fencing has been installed (with more coming), and there is a new well and several spring fed streams.

A 1960’s barn built originally built for horses has available space that could be adapted to house livestock and provide for some hay or grain storage. There are suitable locations for construction of other outbuildings.

Please contact Michael at the farm to share your thoughts, get to know each other and consider a relationship. 434-305-9399