Floyd County VA Growers Meeting

23rd Feb 2018

Thursday, March 1 at 6:30 pm

Care to join us? Here’s how:

First “exploratory” meeting will be held on

Thursday, March 1 at 6:30pmin Joe’s horticulture classroom at the Floyd Co. High School.

(come through the back door to the shop located directly across from the school’s greenhouse)

Be there! Bring your interests, your questions, your speaker suggestions and your energy to help this association thrive.

First presentation will be Joe Tesauro addressing the horticulture program at FCHS, its current offerings and potential projects, plus a tour of the facilities.

Questions? Contact Tenley at locamotive10@gmail.com or contact Joe at the high school: tesauroj@floyd.k12.va.us or 540-745-9450 x5698

This group is aided and abetted in its creation by Joe Tesauro, Floyd County High School’s horticulture teacher, and Tenley Weaver of Loca-Motive Aggregator (local foods distribution.) We have long sensed a need for networking, education, collaboration and camaraderie among our neighboring professional peers. Joe and Tenley are both willing to donate six months of volunteer time to get this idea off the ground. (If the idea is a hit, we’re counting on many other volunteers who will contribute to its success!)

The group is specifically aimed at producers of any and all horticultural crops who sell on any level, grow on any farm scale and produce by any practices. If you grow vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, flowers, herbs, medicinals, trees or landscaping, greenhouse/hoophouse or hydroponic crops -- this group is for YOU!!

Pending the interest and involvement of our peers (that’s YOU!), our goals are shaping up as follows:

  • Monthly meetings (~1 ½ hour long with the opportunity to share our own agricultural experiences and updates, network with other local professionals of a wide variety of crops and growing methods, and form valuable relationships and collaborations
  • A scheduled speaker or presentation at every meeting to address a topic of interest to our group. This could be one of us presenting about our operation, a crop specialist for our region, a farm-supply products business, a government representative from agencies that aid farmers, or… (this is where YOU fill in the blank with further suggestions and interests!)
  • Free or very low-cost participation, open to the public, with especial outreach to farmers and farm affiliates, relying on volunteer enthusiasm, time and energy.
  • Host trainings sessions for GAP and FSMA requirements, pesticide applicator certifications, and other events of importance to our careers vis a vis the regulatory world.
  • Mentorship of new and aspiring horticulture producers in our county.
  • Farm and/or facility tours??
  • “Trade Show”??
  • Collaborative “volume buying” network for common farm supplies.
  • Clearinghouse for information, website, Facebook or other communication vehicles.
  • Grassroots participation in local and regional decision-making forums to promote success and viability on current and future farms.
  • Potential to develop many other pro-ag ideas and projects with enthusiastic volunteers!!! (That’s YOU!)

Our unhidden agenda is to build bridges among all types of local and regional farms in our community/region --grower to grower, mentor to student, specialists to learners, product suppliers to buyers, farms to ag and government agencies who promote ag success, like Extension, USDA/NRCS, county Economic Development Authorities and more. Our overarching goal is to foster cooperation and collaboration instead of competition, to encourage respect and understanding for diverse crops, growing practices and markets, and to further education and resources that promote YOUR success in your chosen farm career.