Exceed Legume Inoculant - Cowpeas/Sunn Hemp - 8 oz

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Organic Status:
OMRI Listed

Boost Crop production for maximum yield and plant health!

Treats 100 lbs of seed. Exceed inoculants are manufactured by Visjon Biologics. These OMRI Listed legume inoculants offer the grower an advantage in the field by adding plentiful nitrogen-fixing bacteria to your seed. There is a symbiotic relationship the Rhizobium bacteria  has with your legume crops. The addition of these inoculants enables the seed to germinate quickly and stimulates plant hormones responsible for root formation and development. This brings more nourishment to the plant, which is evident by rapid and healthy growth with high-yield return.

We recommend slightly dampening the seed before you add in the inoculant just before planting. Less water is best so just start out misting the seed lightly and stirring until you see uniform dampness on the seed, then add the inoculant and continue stirring.
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