Ferroxx AQ 50 lb

Ferroxx AQ Slug & Snail Bait (Improved Sluggo) 50 lb

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Organic Status:
NOP Compliant for Organic Production

new-web.jpgThis for new formula is not for Certified Organic Farms as it is not OMRI Listed or NOP compliant but still an excellent product. Ferroxx AQ is 3 times more concentrated than Sluggo. In addition it has a new formula that is rain, mold and water reisitant and will last much longer on the ground. Ferroxx Aq is an eco-friendly blend of iron phosphate and bait additives. Slugs and snails are lured to the product. Ingestion, even in small amounts, will cause them to cease feeding and die.

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Rates: Application Rate: 5-20 lbs/acre or 0.11-0.44 lbs/1000 sq. ft. or 0.5 teaspoons/sq. yd. Use higher rates when slug/snail infestations are high. Scatter the slug and snail bait granules on the soil around or on the plants to be protected. Do not apply to the leaves of soft-leaved plants such as leafy greens and herbs. May be applied with other baits or fertilizers of similar particle size. Apply the higher rates if the infestation is severe or if the area is heavily watered or after long periods of heavy rain. Reapply as the bait is consumed or at least every two weeks. Do not place in piles. See specific directions for different plant types and for inside greenhouse
Certificates - Not NOP compliant
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