Fertoz Organic Phosphorus Fertilizer Granular comes in a 50 lbs

Fertoz Organic Phosphate Granular Fertilizer (0-7-0) 50 lb (A 2X Comparison to Calphos)

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Organic Status:
OMRI, WSDA & CDFA Certified

Is your soil low in Phosphorus? Then try our 2X Rock Phosphate for faster results.

We are replacing the Calphos with this 2X concentrated granular phosphate fertilizer. Total Phosphorus is 20%, available phosphorus 7%, CaO is 31%, SiO2 is 26%. The product is derived from rock phosphate. Information on content and level of metals may be found in the Label / Specs tab. Phosphate (P2O5) is one of the major macronutrients along with Nitrogen (N), and Potash (K2O).  It is difficult to measure soil availability of phosphate and some soils may need large initial applications (up to 1000 lbs/acre) to bring the soil to a point where it will release sufficient phosphate to the plant.  After the soil is brought to balance, only maintenance amounts (100-200 lbs/acre) are usually needed. Looking for Pulverized Powder 50 lb click here.

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Rates: Incorporate into the soil at or prior to seeding. Phosphate rock applications to soils with pH greater than 5.5 may require higher rates, greater amounts of incorporation, and more time to react before planting. Phosphate rock may not reach maximum solubility until 4 to 8 weeks after application. Although lime applications can benefit crop growth by reducing Al toxicity, increased pH and Ca concentrations tend to reduce the efficacy of PR. There is considerable evidence that PR availability can be aided by ph reducing compounds like sulfur, composts or hunic acids. Initial applications 1000 lbs/acre). Maintenance applications each year at 100-200 lbs/acre.
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