Elephant & Regular Garlic grown at Seven Springs Farm with Eco Biological methods

Garlic Elephant 1 lb for planting or eating

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Organic Status:
Grown with Sustainable Methods at 7Springs
Late July or Early August

Seven Springs Farm has elephant garlic. Grown since 1990 with organic inputs and sustainable methods.  The elephant garlic ranges from 1/4 lb to 1/2 lb bulbs and stores well. Please order your garlic early as we sell out very quickly!  Regular Garlic also available

Storage: Store in a cool dry location. Do not store in plastic bag.
Planting Rate: Plant 12 inches apart with rows that are 12 inches apart, plant cloves at a depth equal to the length of the clove. So a 2 inch clove can have 2 inches of soil over top meaning it is planted 4 inches down at the bottom of the clove. Mulch well after planting. We recommend fertilizering your garlic beds with Harmony, feather meal, calphos, azomite, Humic DG and BioChar.
Certificates - Not Certified
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