Garlic Elephant (Planting/Eating) - 1 lb Bag

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Sold Out Till Next Harvest

Organic Status:
Grown with Sustainable Methods at 7Springs

Seven Springs Farm has elephant garlic. Grown since 1990 with organic inputs and sustainable methods.  The elephant garlic ranges from 1/4 lb to 1/2 lb bulbs and stores well. Please order your garlic early as we sell out very quickly! 

Regular Garlic also available

Storage: Store in a cool dry location. Do not store in plastic bag.
Planting Rate: Plant 12 inches apart with rows that are 12 inches apart, plant cloves at a depth equal to the length of the clove. So a 2 inch clove can have 2 inches of soil over top meaning it is planted 4 inches down at the bottom of the clove. Mulch well after planting. We recommend fertilizing your garlic beds with Harmony, feather meal, calphos, azomite, Humic DG and BioChar.
Certificates - Not Certified
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