Levitation Seedling Mix from DirtCraft Organics - 1.5 Cu Ft Bag

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NOP Compliant & WSDA Pending

This item is currently out of stock but should be available again soon. Please check back or call us at 800-540-9181 for more details. Thank you.

A premium soil mix at an affordable price!  Small batch crafted in Marshall, NC.

A lightweight mix engineered for seed starting and growing vigorous transplants.  Featuring renewable alternatives to peat and perlite, Levitation provides the ideal balance of water retention and porosity for big root growth. This mix is chock full of organic fertilizers, essential minerals and natural soil conditioners. Features Chargrow Biogranules plant probiotic containing beneficial microorganisms and microbial foods for the ultimate biological boost.

Coconut Coir, Aged Bark Fines, Organic Compost, Rice Hulls, Char-Grow Biogranules, Diatomaceous Clay, Kelp Meal, Blood Meal, Gypsum, Bone Meal.

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