Meet the Seven Springs Crew

Seven Springs Farm OFGS 2019 crew



Ron Juftes - Owner

Ron is the man who started it all. These days you’re likely to find him tending to his gardens, orchards, fields, buildings, and machines. Ron has several decades worth of experience in landscaping, horticulture, and arboriculture. He can generally grow, fix, and rig up just about anything around here.

 Ron brings his wealth of knowledge and know-how into all aspects of the business. His motivation and entrepreneurial spirit are what brought Seven Springs into existence and what keeps it growing.


Eric Sharp - Operations Manager  

Eric began his journey with Seven Springs in the Spring of 2015. Having been away from the area for many years, he is happy to be back home and close to family. Eric holds a whole host of responsibilities here. He’s the forklift master, manager of the crew, and presently, the most gifted pallet-shrink-wrapper at Seven Springs. It’s quite inspiring. In his spare time you can find Eric working on his farm, alongside his  son, and enjoying the wonderful Floyd weather with his wife on their porch.


Nate Flickinger - Sales Coordinator & Product Research

Nate has experience in nursery work, bio-dynamics, and urban community garden projects in Brooklyn, NY. He has homesteaded on-and-off with his partner for the past ten years. He's also well-versed in homeopathy, herbalism, and food-as-medicine. Nate is an overall fan and promoter of bacteria and fungi. He believes they're completely essential to healthy soil, which begets healthy plants, animals, and humans. "Word to your microbes," he says. As of Nov. 2018 Nate is now certified in Nutrition Farming by Nutri-Tech Solutions.



 Cassie Pierce - Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper.

Cassie Pierce, along with her husband and two kids, moved to Floyd in 2011 and created a startup company - Buffalo Mountain Kombucha.  Now that her business is running smoothly, she lends her administrative and bookkeeping skills to Seven Springs Farm, collaborating with the rest of the staff to grow and expand the business.

When she’s not in the Seven Springs office keeping track of orders and invoices, she can be found on her homestead at the base of Buffalo Mountain, spending time with her family.



 Matthew Cantrell - Shipping Coordinator & Livestock Specialist

Matthew has worked hands-on in various expressions of agriculture. He's worked in landscaping, growing his own food with his wife and kids, and extensively with live-stock. Currently his passion and expertise lies with holistic livestock management. He is at home in his fields tending sheep, goats, and cows alongside his crew of Working Kelpie dogs, Annie, Oakley, Cap, and Pancho (the lone border collie).


 Elizabeth - Agricultural Sales

Elizabeth spent most of her life in Northern Indiana where she discovered her love for feeding people and growing food. After some traveling, she heard the mountains calling her name and moved to Roanoke in 2016. She enjoys anything outdoors, eating food (especially pizza), yoga, live music and of course, gardening. Elizabeth hopes to buy land and have a market garden of her own someday. She is excited to learn all she can with us and help farmers and gardeners in the meantime! 


 Alena Ivakhnenko - Mail Order Clerk

Alena is new to the Seven Springs crew.  After many travels she has settled in Floyd to pursue her dreams of having a cut flower farm.  Alena shares her grandmother’s passion for growing her own food.  When she's not at Seven Springs you can typically find her reading flower guides, listening to podcasts and hanging out with her cat in her Airstream.  Supporting the organic farming community through her work at Seven Springs brings her great joy, one package at a time! 


Tim Bell - Warehouse worker - Livestock Specialist

Tim has a wide variety of agricultural experience including commercial horticultural propagation, as well as livestock based regenerative agriculture. He recently returned home, to Floyd, to start his own farming venture. His passions lie in pastured poultry and small ruminant dairy, with many years of experience in both. In his free time Tim enjoys fishing, hiking, farming, and anything else outdoors. He is excited to be the newest member of the team!


James Bock - Farmer/Groundskeeper

James has spent the 10 years working throughout Virginia as an arborist specializing in ornamental plant IPM. He has always had a passion for nature and growing trees, flowers, and food but never the space to raise more than few vegetables. He recently purchased a nearby farm that is connected to one of 7Springs boarders. He has lots of room to grow and expand his horizons on this new farm. The plan is to produce specialty crops and honey in the years to come. We are thrilled to have James working at Seven Springs helping beautify the land and grow crops.

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