Mikrobs Microbial Superpack - 8 oz Bag

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Mikrobs is an organic microbial soil amendment/bioinoculant for plant and root growth stimulation that also encourages preventative resistance against fungal pathogen, parasitic bacteria, and insects. The organic blend is composed of three types of microbes— Rhizobacteria (bacillus spp.), Trichoderma fungi, Mycorrhizal fungi— while additionally including supplements (humic/fulvic acid, amino acid, kelp, molasses) to provide the microbes with excellent nutrients and growing bed. The three microbes live symbiotically with plants and yield higher synergy when placed together. Individually, Rhizobacteria contributes to nitrogen and phosphate availability for immediate uptake, while Mycorrhizal Fungi and Trichoderma Fungi help plants uptake nutrients even under harsh environmental conditions. Together, Rhizobacteria and Trichoderma fungi contribute to a steady propagation of Mycorrhizal fungi. Likewise, the specific blending of multiple bioinoculants in Mikrobs actively helps manage rhizospheres and soil balance by maintaining the beneficial microfloral populations through the combined symbiotic interactions between all the partner microbes. This introduces morphological and physiological changes to the root system, leading to an expansion of lateral roots and root hairs that facilitate increased nutrient and water absorption


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2.5-5 grams (1tsp – 1tbsp)/gallon at 1-3 week intervals

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