Natural Wet Wetting Agent- Quart

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We are introducing a new wetting agent from SaferGro, 100% Natural and Biodegradable.

Natural Wet can be added to the spray tank to enhance spreading and sticking properties of the spray solution. The main ingredients are saponins which are sapogenin glycosides derived mainly from yucca plant extracts. Natural Wet is a special formulation designed to alleviate the stress plants suffer under unfavorable conditions. It can also facilitate nutrient and water absorption and can be applied to potting mixes to aid in the uniformity of water absorption. This product reduces surface tension of all liquids, increases water uptake in plants as well as water penetration into the soil and increases drainage and reduces salinity. This product is also non-phytotoxic.

Also available in a 1 Gallon Bottle

Rates: SOIL APPLICATION- Apply 16 oz. per acre (1 liter / hectare) in enough water to cover the acre.
ROW CROPS: Mix NATURAL WET with fertilizer solutions. 
TRANSPLANTS: Mix NATURAL WET with transplant water.
BULK SOIL: Add 32-48 oz. of NATURAL WET per cubic yard while mixing.
FOLIAR APPLICATION: DILUTE SPRAYS: Use 16 fl. oz. of NATURAL WET per acre in 100 gallons of water (1 liter / hectare) of spray solution.
CONCENTRATION SPRAYS: Use 8 fl. oz. per acre (0.5 liter / hectare) in at least 25 gallons of water.
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