PerCarb Sodium Carbonate SG - 50 lb Bag

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This broad spectrum bactericide/fungicide is a great replacement for REX LIME SULFUR. PerCarb is EPA-registered to treat and control plant pathogens that cause major foliar diseases on field grown crops, tree crops, berries, small fruits and vine crops. Soluble granule (SG), white crystalline micro granules for easy mixing Sulfur alternative, no mess or odor with superior coverage. For use in foliar or dormant spray applications, spray year-round for total control. Controls botrytis, downy and powdery mildew on contact. Non-residual chemistry. No phytotoxicity at labeled rates. 0-hour re-entry interval.

WHAT IS PERCARB’S MODE OF ACTION? PerCarb works by destructing the cellular macromolecules of bacterial and fungal pathogen cells upon contact. Powered by a hydrogen peroxide infused granular, PerCarb also plays a preventative role by inhibiting development of fungal mycelium and spores through changes in pH and osmotic pressure of the microbial cells.

Detailed rates listed under product label. 

FOLIAR SPRAY PROGRAM: Use foliar spray applications throughout the growing season on labeled crops. Prepare solution by mixing 0.25–0.75 lbs. (4–12 oz.) of PerCarb/25 gallons of water (1–3 lbs./100 gallons of water). Use up to 400 gallons of spray solution/acre. For the most effective results, use enough volume of spray solution to obtain complete and uniform coverage of foliage and stems. Repeat sprays at 7–10 day intervals during peak disease pressure.

DORMANT SPRAY PROGRAM: Use dormant spray for early and late season applications on tree nuts, tree fruits, small fruits, berries and vine crops prior to bud opening. Prepare a solution by mixing 0.75–1.0 lbs. of PerCarb/25 gallons of water (3–4 lbs./100 gallons of water). Use up to 400 gallons of spray solution/acre. For the most effective results, use enough volume of spray solution to obtain complete and uniform coverage of foliage and stems.

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