Perma-Guard - DE (Diatomaceous Earth) Food Grade - 50 lb Bag

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Animals: DE is a powerful, effective tool for drying out and dehydrating. These are mined, untreated freshwater fossil shells. This DE is finely ground, food chemical codex grade and highly absorbent. Note: Use a dust mask when handling this product. 


Useful in grain storage at 7 lb. per ton or mixed in feed rations at 2%. There are dozens of uses for DE. Refer to Perma Gaurd web site for details.
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    Perma-Guard DE

    Posted by Terri on 24th Jun 2020

    We received the bag, in a box. Nothing broken and all intact, Great Job! Will order again from you in the future! Thank You

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    Diatomaceous Earth is Awesome for Horses

    Posted by Georgiana N. on 4th Mar 2019

    I use 1/2 cup/ day per feeding in my horse's mash as a daily dewormer, and natural anti-inflammatory. It also aids in suppressing flies from breeding in the manure. I've been happily using this Perma-Guard for 7 years.

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    Excellent quality at a reasonable price

    Posted by John Bargh on 9th Sep 2018

    Quick service and a great buy!

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    Diatomaceous Earth

    Posted by georgiana on 14th May 2018

    I highly recommend this product as the best brand on the market for human and animal health. It has many, many uses, but I use it as a daily dewormer (1/2 cup per feeding) twice a day (in a wet-mash) to keep my sweet Percherons parasite-free. Silica, the prominent composition of diatomaceous earth, and it is also an important trace mineral and neurotransmitter commonly deficient in most mammals. It is additionally used at earthworm farms to enhance reproduction and as a soil conditioner to retard and naturally kill subterranean insects that attack the roots of plants or crops. It works by scraping away the microlayer of wax that insects have on their exoskeleton that protects them from dehydrating, and once this is removed they automatically die.
    I've used this product successfully for many years on my farm and highly recommend it. I've used diatomaceous earth to successfully kill termites that were slowly killing a large oak tree on my property. Using a small shovel, I carefully removed the soil around the base of the tree 8" deep and then filled the "moat" with diatomaceous earth until it was ground level. I did not replace the soil. After about 3 weeks, I noticed that the tell-tale sawdust from the termite holes in the bark lessened, until after about 1.5 months they disappeared completely. Now, the tree is doing very well, and self-healing where the damage to the bark occurred.

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    DE - Great Product!

    Posted by G S & M on 11th Apr 2016

    We are an interiorscape business, and use DE to help keep down the fungus gnat population in our plants. We mix it with the top 2 to 3 inches of soil of the plant. The ground up fossil shell is supposed to slice the bodies of the gnats as they exit the soil, thus killing them.

    We have purchased DE from Seven Springs many times and are always pleased with their fair price and super-quick shipment! Thank you for the great product and service!

    On a personal note, I have some DE at home and think I'm going to try using it for teeth whitening!

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    DE Works

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Mar 2015

    Very happy with the DE. We use it for worming with our livestock. We also use DE for brushing teeth. Best and fastest way to whiten teeth.

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    DE perection

    Posted by JJ on 22nd Sep 2014

    PermaGard DE is the only brand we buy. The DE is very fine grain and mixes well with water. we use it everywhere and even eat it. Wouldn't consider buying from another source since I am so pleased with 7springs.Great price, well packaged and shipped very fast.

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