PFR-97 20% WDG - 5 lb Bag

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This is a microbial fungicide from Isaria fumosorosea a naturally occurring fungus which infects many insects that occur on plants and in the soil. Spores of the fungus attach to and penetrate the cuticle of the target pest. The fungus grows, kills the pest, then emerges and releases more spores to infect other insects. 

Certis USA has found that despite what label currently states humidity and droplet size are not critical considerations for product efficacy. As long as thorough coverage is attained, product should be effective.  Due to shelf life this product is not returnable.

We are also carrying Grandevo, which is a similar product. 

**Certis USA tells us that this product only needs refrigeration for storage after a week or more in higher temperatures. We keep this product under refrigeration while it is in stock here. If you are located in states beyond a several day point it would be your choice to choose UPS 2-day if you prefer getting this product faster.**

Apply before pest numbers get too high. Can be used in injection systems. For small outdoor application rates, use 4.5 - 9 grams per gallon of water.  For other application rates refer to the product label. Keep refrigerated. Product is viable up to 1 week without refrigeration. This product can be mixed with Neemix.
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    Posted by james on 23rd Jul 2018

    This is a great product. After a Phone call I learned that Seven Springs keeps the product refrigerated. I prefer this product over oil suspension products.

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