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Your #1 Source for Organic & Biological Farm Supplies
Your #1 Source for Organic & Biological Farm Supplies

Grower’s Secret Nitrogen (14-0-0)- 50 lbs

  • Organic Status - OMRI & CDFA Listed


Provides a rich source of nitrogen for nitrogen loving plants. Use to help plants grow quickly, and to improve plant...

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Provides a rich source of nitrogen for nitrogen loving plants. Use to help plants grow quickly, and to improve plant quality and appearance. Grower's Secret Nitrogen 14 (GSN14) is a vegetable protein that can be applied by ground or air application to plants, through drench, drip or flood irrigation on soil to prevent or correct nitrogen deficiencies that could limit growth and yields. GSN14 is nontoxic to plants when applied as directed. For best results, apply GSN14 according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis for a given crop. Suitable for use in commercial agriculture and horticulture. Amino Acid Report - Non-GMO Statement

Mix well in the desired amount of water. GSN14 is believed to be compatible with most fertilizers and plant nutrient products with the exception of products containing high levels of Calcium such as CAN 17. When mixing with other products it is recommended that a physical compatibility test be conducted before use. A test using small quantities in proportion to field application rates is recommended.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Agricultural and Horticultural crops: Apply 2-10 pounds per acre when plants are actively growing or as needed based on your nutrient management program determined from soil and plant tissue analysis for your specific crop. This product is a commercial fertilizer and should be uses as part of a comprehensive nutrient management program.

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