Redmond Agriculture 10 Fine Premium Mineral Salt 50 lb

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Redmond 10 Fine—a premium sea salt with naturally occurring essential trace minerals including zinc, manganese, copper, iodine and more.

10 Fine is free of chemical processing, preferred by livestock, and helps animals maintain a normal function. Redmond 10 Fine’s mineral-rich granules are the perfect size for mixing or feeding free choice. 10 Fine can be used for all classes of livestock.

Trace Minerals: 10 Fine is nature’s perfect balance to nourish your livestock. 10 Fine comes from an ancient sea salt deposit and has a broad spectrum of trace minerals.

Preferred by Livestock: Animals instinctively crave salt that has naturally occurring trace minerals. Try it in your herd: put any salt or mineral next to Redmond 10 Fine and see which one your animals choose. This natural trace mineral (NTM) rock salt from Redmond, Utah is 95% pure sodium chloride. Animals prefer NTM salt over artificially mineralized salts. 

Here is a presentation from Redmond about their products for agriculture and animal production.

Also available as a 44 lb block

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Ingredients - Sodium Chloride 95%, refer to analysis for mineral content.
Feeding Rate: Free Choice

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